There are times when I get creative blocks.  Coming up with ideas and concepts are harder than the creation process itself, but once it comes it flows naturally and organically.  

Keiona Clark is an artist entrepreneur and a curator based in Washington, DC metro area. Clark serves as Gallery Manager for 39th Street Gallery located in Brentwood, Maryland. She is also Curator for the Gateway Community Development Corporation which is the catalyst for arts-centered economic revitalization of the US Route 1 corridor and the surrounding Prince George's County communities within the Gateway Arts District, including Mount Rainier, Brentwood and North Brentwood, Maryland. 


Clark is Founder and CEO of the DMV League of Artists; her passion is to align with similar minds and network to build a force in the creative community through fostering relationships and creating fellowship with an extraordinary league of creative souls. Keiona has not only proven herself to be a force in the “Art” of business; she is also an Artist/ Creative inspired by her love for art: an Abstract Impressionist inspired by her love for all things involving creativity. 


Keiona is a (stage 3B) breast cancer survivor who was inspired to create shortly after her chemo infusions. Surviving cancer helped her decide that her life would be centered on her passion. As a young child, Clark had a natural talent and took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. With no formal training, her inspiration is experience, emotional expression and inner energy, and sometimes contemplation. Non-traditional application of paints and technique make her art original, inspirational, and unique.

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Keiona Clark