Keiona Clark is an artist based in Washington, DC.  She is an Abstract Impressionist inspired by artist such as Anne Lee, and June Marie and local artist Dana Ellyn.  Keiona is a (stage 3B) breast cancer survivor who was inspired to create shortly after her chemo infusions.  Surviving cancer helped her decide that her life would be centered upon her passion for art. She has always had a natural talent for art as a young child, and took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon.  With no formal training she creates from inspiration through experience, expressing her emotion and focusing on inner energy, and sometimes contemplation.  Creating expressive, lyrical and thoughtful qualities of work.  Non-traditional application of paints and technique make her art original, inspirational, and unique. 






Artist Statement


“If it was perfect, it would not be considered art.”




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Abstract Impressionist

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